Back in the land of the Gael

Of course you’re theoretically in Gael-land as you wait for the train at Haymarket station in Edinburgh these days, as I may have mentioned before on this very blog.
However, I am now venturing further into Gaeldom than I’ve done for years – almost as far as the land of the Viking, in fact. One thing I’m glad to report is that there are still trains in operation past Inverness. At one time – probably during the evil reign of Empress Thatcher who hated trains, perhaps because she had once been frightened by one as a child in Grantham – there was talk of no more trains north of Edinburgh, although of course that would have been heresy if it meant the Forth Bridge was redundant.
I’ve sensibly split my journey to Thurso into three parts – two on the way back.
So far so good – we’ve got as far as Pitlochry, one of my favourite places, and somewhere I will be visiting properly one day soon. I tried to take a picture as we hurtled through the pass of Killiecrankie but it was too blurry – better just to gaze at the view down to the river. Instead I’ve captured a couple of stations.



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