From Sleepy Hollow to the heart of Europe

The station at Llandudno, in North Wales, must be a contender for the title of Sleepiest Station in Britain. When we arrived there in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon in late March the station buildings were completely closed up, we had to use a side exit and there were no taxis so we had to phone for one.

On the plus side, we arrived there exactly on time despite having had to travel with Virgin Trains from Edinburgh to Warrington. (We were also on time on the return journey but I have not yet got over the deep mistrust of VT described in a previous post).
During our stay in Llandudno I also sampled the Great Orme tramway, which I suspect could be called a railway as it is operated by a funicular system, although I don’t know much about the engineering details, and the trams are not much like trains.

Great Orme tram
Great Orme tram

In a sort of cut-down re-run of last year’s rail travel extravaganza, I’m currently planning to go to Berlin and back via VT east coast, Eurostar, Thalys and Deutsche Bahn. I’m sure there is plenty of scope for things to go wrong with at least part of the journey! So come back here at the end of June for all the drama and tantrums.