A ‘Belle’ plans her return to Brighton

This is an early warning that I expect to be blogging once again from the comfort of my first class compartment on East Coast trains over the weekend as I make my way to Brighton for a work meeting. This is a walk down memory lane in a way, as I was born in Brighton, although in another way there is very little memory involved because I left there when I was four to move to the frozen north.

A street in Brighton
On the street where I lived

Here’s our old street in Brighton, complete with mock-Tudor houses. The last time I was there, I walked along past our old house, but was afraid of being arrested if I stopped to take a picture of the actual house, so I can only divulge that it was the last one, just visible at the end. Our garden backed on to farmland at the time when we lived there.

I’ve managed to book myself on one of the journeys where you don’t have to cross London to Victoria to catch a Brighton train, instead walking along from King’s Cross to St Pancras where nowadays you can catch a train all the rest of the way without changing again. I will try and capture a photograph of the murky depths of the lower level of St Pancras where you have to wait for the Brighton train.

I don’t have any other travel tips, except that as usual I advise people to travel first class if possible so that they can take advantage of the constant supply of coffee and light refreshments. And make a start on their NaNoWrimo novel if they are mad  lucky enough to be writing one this November.