Edinburgh to Swindon – not quite so exciting

Waiting at Waverley Station I noticed for the first time that there’s a very ornate roof in the main waiting-room, which I think was once the ticket hall. I think the reason I’ve missed seeing it before is that there was a coffee kiosk right in the centre of the area for quite a few years. As well as the ceiling decoration the walls have imitation pillars here and there which mimic some of the architecture in Edinburgh. I’ve tried to take a picture but it doesn’t capture all of this.

I’m now writing on board my First Great Western train to Swindon. I see there is an entertainment coach with screens on the backs of the seats, but on the other hand there has just been an announcement telling first class passengers they have to go and queue for their free food, so East Coast are still ahead on that one.


At first glance Swindon’s reputation – in our department anyway – seems slightly undeserved, but maybe the area round the station is the best bit!

Reverting to standard class

Watch this space – I have to travel Standard Class today on East Coast trains AND I think it may be¬†the start of the Edinburgh summer holidays, so I am not entirely looking forward to my journey to Swindon today. If anything goes wrong a rant may follow which will make my rant against Deutsche Bahn seem as if I had showered¬†them with compliments…

On the other hand, perhaps everything will go right and I will float through the day in a state of utter relaxation and arrive later in a fairy-tale Swindon which basks in the summer sunshine with unicorns leaping across rainbows just round the corner.