Finnish train

There and back again – I hope

11th June: I’m sitting here at Helsinki station, having arrived far too early for my train to Turku. I prefer it this way, especially after the missed train fiasco earlier.


Today has been a free day. I have walked a little too far despite having spent some time on trams and an hour and a half going round some of the many islands on a boat – in case I hadn’t seen enough boats lately. Last night I had dinner in a very picturesque restaurant that apparently used to be frequented by Sibelius and his friends. I wish I had been able to go to a concert while in Helsinki.
On this occasion I’ve got hold of a small amount of food and drink to take with me on the train. I haven’t usually bothered on this trip because of having to carry it, but after some of my food experiences I’ve decided it’s worthwhile.

A little later – on train to Turku – ferry port. I realise this blog hasn’t had a lot of actual trains in it yet, but I have just taken some Finnish train pics so here’s one of the train I’m on.


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