Still travelling hopefully

8th June On I go, again feeling more rested after a good night’s sleep in Malmo. The plan for today is to travel to Stockholm – I’m writing this on the train, so at least that plan has got off to a good start – where I’ll catch the late afternoon ferry to Helsinki.
I was just about to complain that there was nowhere to get a coffee in Malmo before 7 am when I worked out from the word ‘fruhkost’ on my ticket that I would get some breakfast on the train, and sure enough I did. No, I didn’t think I spoke Swedish either! I managed to get hold of it by my usual method of following some people who looked as if they might be going for breakfast.

It’s amazing, from what I’ve seen of the countryside so far in between thinking about food and spilling a fruit drink I thought was going to be a yogurt everywhere, how Swedish it looks – lots of pine trees with odd red houses in clearing, and a few lakes. I’m not sure if I can get a picture as we’re zipping along quite fast. Also most of the lakes seem to be on the other side of the coach. Not sure if there’s a geographical reason for this.

By the way, the WiFi situation has now improved. This is partly because so far Sweden is way ahead of other places I’ve been through on this trip in providing free public WiFi, but partly because I’ve made the exciting discovery that my smartphone can make its own WiFi hotspot quite easily. There is even a menu option for it, which I hadn’t noticed before as it’s hiding right at the end where I hardly ever go. Fortunately I am on pay as you go, otherwise I would have run up data roaming charges the size of the national debt by now. As it is I am limited to quite a small amount of data every day, but it’s useful in WiFi emergencies.