Not really the longest day

7th June part two: I suppose it was all the D-day stuff that brought the war into my mind as I travelled through Belgium and northern Germany.  However this day of my trip has turned out a bit shorter than expected, with the train breakdown causing a series of events that have ended up with me staying the night at a very nice hotel in Malmo instead of pressing grimly on to Stockholm. It has also resulted in me having to rebook my train from here to Stockholm and my ferry to Helsinki. I now sail direct to Helsinki instead of to Turku, which means one less train journey. This way I should only miss about an hour of the conference, which won’t be much more than I would have done if I had been so worn out that I couldn’t resist having a long line on Monday morning.

The journey from Copenhagen to here was a bit fraught as it involved going to the airport and trying to find a bus that looked as if it might be on its way to Malmo, then being dropped off the bus in a sort of outpost of Malmo and, after talking to some men in hi-vis vests who looked as if they might know something, being put on a train to Malmo Central to get to the official info desk. Having established that there were no more trains to Stockholm today, the very nice booking clerk got me on a train first thing in the morning at no extra cost, and I’ve since rebooked my ferry online.
Fortunately I could get a room at the first hotel I went I to – I hope nobody else I know ever gets stranded in Malmo, but if they do I recommend the Malmo Comfort Hotel for its very pleasant staff and fantastic grilled salmon.


A bit of Swedish flair too!

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