Stop and start

It isn’t as bad as missing a train, of course, but waiting for a train can be a little trying, especially when the station is extremely busy – as St Pancras is today. Still, I can sit and admire the architecture for a while. There are lovely Victorian tiles on the upper floor and of course the lovely roof which I will try and photograph later.
Just heard the first train announcement in French, which makes me realise I am well on the way.

Something I hadn’t noticed before is that it’s hard to see where the Eurostar info is – but I think the last time I used it there were three of us travelling together, which was a good plan – one to mind the luggage, one to forage for food and one to wander about until they found the departures board.

A bit later + still no WiFi….
Well, they seem to be letting me leave the country anyway – probably too intimidated by my passport photo to stop me!
A bit later… Help! I’m in Belgium.

Bruxelles station, waiting for Thalys train to Cologne. After rushing like mad to get to the right platform, I had to wait for the train. Still no working WiFi. Stopped at Liege and Aachen. Very warm and sunny. Playing Beethoven on Kindle and have beaten the computer 3 times at a word game. My hobnob flashback has melted in the heat… would that make a good password for spies? Or have I been travelling for too long?


Here at last.

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