Reflections on live blogging from trains

I apologise for the multiple postings that appeared earlier on this blog and have now been tidied up – I used the Kindle WordPress app to deliver the original posts, and it has turned out that not all the posts are visible from it once they’ve been published online. ¬†Another lesson learned!

After a couple of weird experiences with Southern trains, I was pleased to get back to King’s Cross yesterday and to the relative sanity of East Coast trains. The first experience involved a train that suddenly changed its mind about where it would stop, which resulted in my having to get off three stops early and get a mini-cab to my destination, and the second was caused by a member of the station staff at a station in south London who said I couldn’t go through the barrier and out of the station because my ticket was for another station further along the line. I will be slightly wary if I ever have to use Southern trains in future, although the actual trains are very nice and not too crowded, and I may also have to reconsider my ongoing refusal to get an Oyster card, which at least might¬†prevent me from being caught out by ticket anomalies.

King's Cross station
King’s Cross station – one of my favourites

Bonus tip for an interesting place to visit in London – the Horniman Museum, for general quirkiness and grazing alpacas. Train from London Bridge or Victoria to Forest Hill then walk or bus up final hill.

Horminan Museum - bandstand
At the Horniman Museum

Live blog trial – thoughts

What I’ve learned from the trial:
1. Darkness of photos doesn’t show scenery at its best
2. Do I need a real keyboard?
3. Edinburgh to London quite boring if journey goes well.
4. Train WiFi not bad but randomly stops working.
5. Is it really better to travel hopefully? And see picture below.
6. I can’t be as obsessed with food and drink as I seem – can I?
7. Don’t number the posts in case one goes missing!


Leigham Court Hotel, Streatham Hill – an oasis of calm in south London.

Live blog trial – Edinburgh to London part 1

This is a test to make sure what I want to do next month is feasible. I am going to cheat slightly by using East Coast trains Wi-Fi instead of attempting to make the bring-your-own-wi-fi gadget I’ve just got from Amazon work.
This afternoon I plan to travel 1st class to London. Here’s my starting point.


Or at least the improved view through the roof of Waverley Station. As usual I managed to get here over an hour early, in this case because I was I thinking about allowing for my taxi to be involved in a hideous tram-related incident on the way.