My Railway Background

Thinking about the title of this post, I have a deep background in railways and trains. My great-grandfather worked on the construction of the Forth Rail Bridge, and my grandfather as a railway track fitter in Fife for a while.

As a child I lived in a house that overlooked the station at Wormit and the Tay Rail Bridge.  Crossing the bridge by train on stormy nights, I used to look down at the remains of the previous Tay Bridge and worry that we would also plunge into the icy depths of the river underneath. This fear was only heightened by going to see the salvaged pieces of carriages and parts of the old bridge that were on display in the museum in Dundee.

Tay Bridge
The Tay Rail Bridge with the remnants of the original one. Photo by the late Ian Ogilvy Morrison.
Seaweed surprise
My brother as a child on the beach at Wormit (Tay Bridge in background)